loretta j willis

A native of Tampa, Florida, Loretta J. Willis became a Christian at the age of 14 and came to know God as her Heavenly Father in a home that was filled with turmoil, fear and uncertainty. It was during this time she received a vision from God that planted a seed of hope toward His future purpose for her life and a desire to discover His plan for her. She gives credit to her mother’s godly influence in modeling her faith in God amidst great difficulty in her marriage, a living example of what faith in God and living out that faith looked like.

Loretta is the second of eight siblings. Growing up with six sisters also helped in developing a heart for women and the challenges we face in balancing the demands of life, family and career. After receiving a B.S. Degree from Florida State University she began a career in corporate management before transitioning into the role of a small business owner and interior design. A member of the American Society of Interior Designers she serves in several leadership roles including an appointment to the Board of Regents, College of Human Sciences at Florida State University.

As an author, interior designer, business owner,  devotional and professional design blogger, Loretta has been featured in various media and print publications.

An active member of North Point Community Church and student of women’s struggles she mentors other women through re:new ministry and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and children.


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