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What is your fragrance?

Discover the process to determine the aroma and potency of your life experiences and the impact it has on others. God is the True Perfumer; we are the vessels He desires to use. When we come to God surrendered, allowing Him to take the composition of our life experiences by submitting them to His extraction process, it comes with a price and a blessing.

The price encompasses absolute surrender to God and submission to His will with a commitment to spiritual growth. The blessing, a continual presence and awareness of God and unhindered access to His throne and the riches of living an abundant life.

This abundant life fulfills the question that the Apostle Paul asked Jesus, “Lord, what do You want me to do?”

When we deposit into His hands our triumphs, suffering and pain, He transforms our lives into a fragrant aroma, an acceptable offering pleasing and glorifying to Him.

Book Reviews

“I just finished reading “His Perfuming Process.” Yours’ is a story of the unmitigated grace of God; the power to bring beauty and fragrance out of Satan’s attempts to destroy. I applaud you for the courage displayed in revealing your story; many will find hope and healing as a result.” J.L. Dotson MS NCC LPC

“You are very brave to follow God’s leading to write this book based on your personal experiences. That must have been difficult but I know God will bless so many through your words.” R. Ross, Pastor

“Wow – your story is amazing. God’s faithfulness is overwhelming. Do you feel absolutely rescued? Most girls don’t make it out of that scenario the way you have. I guess in the bigger picture, we are all absolutely rescued, but a story like yours is so moving and so emotional. I love the picture you so beautifully painted of God’s ability to take our trials and process them in a way to bring glory to Himself and fragrant aromas to those around us.” S.W.Stanley

“As I was reading, I felt that I was on the journey with you. Not that I have suffered any of the trials you endured, but that it was so real and the scripture references stood out as they too have ministered to me and my life walk in the flesh and in the Spirit. Thanks for writing your book and confirming that we serve a God who never leaves or forsakes us. A God who heals our hurts and restores our souls and returns to us all the enemy has stolen. Your book is a must-read for every Christian, if for no other reason than to reveal how big our God is when you let go and let Him.” T. Largen



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